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Car Rental Queenstown

Car Rental Queenstown

Should you hire a child restraint for your car rental Queenstown holiday? Or do you bring your own child’s car seat with you? Damage to your restraint can happen in transit. Then there is the hassle of bringing such a bulky item along with all your other baby equipment. There is also the worry your car seat won’t fit well into your car rental Queenstown vehicle.

If you do decide to bring your own car seat you may need to bring other accessories. For example if you are installing the car restraint rear facing with a top tether, you might need an extension tether. You might need an angle adjuster to achieve the correct 45 degree angle? Another consideration if your rental vehicle doesn’t have Isofix is you may need a locking clip? If all this was not enough to put you off then consider if you know how to install the car restraint yourself?

If you decide not to bring your own restraint for your car rental Queenstown vehicle you may look to hire a car seat when you arrive?

Hire Car Restraint

You may decide the easiest option is to hire a restraint from your car rental company. If you take this option it’s a good idea to make sure the rental company can supply the restraint you require. There are quite a few factors to consider for your car rental Queenstown holiday.

If you want a rear facing restraint you will need to let the hire car company know? Remember not all rental car companies supply rear facing car seats. If they can supply a rear facing seat it’s a good idea to check if someone can help you install it. It’s not easy to install a car restraint you are not familiar with. Installation instructions should be provided. The restraint manual will allow you to check the car seat is suitable for your child. With this in mind you should check your car rental Queenstown company has plenty of car seat options. The last thing you need is to arrive and discover your booked child restraint is not suitable and there are no alternative options.


Your car rental Queenstown company should ask the right questions?

The right questions asked means you are more likely to receive the correct restraint. In order to select the correct car seat the car rental Queenstown company should be asking your child’s age, weight and height? Your child may be within the weight limits but too tall for the restraint. Or within the height limit and too heavy. Please remember this information is only a guideline for selecting the car seat. Children have different length torsos and car seats have harness slots at different heights. Your child’s torso measurement needs to be provided. An installation manual must also be provided.

There are different standard certifications

There are different Standards of testing for car restraints. Australian/New Zealand Standard, American Standard and European Standard. In New Zealand you are able to use a restraint that is approved by any of these Standards. In Australia you can only use Australian Standard approved restraints. This can be a little confusing, especially if you are travelling from Australia and not know about American or European Standard seats.

You may not be familiar using chest clips which are on all American Standard seats. The position of the harness on your child will depend on which Standard restraint is being used. It may also depend on whether it’s forward or rear facing? In Australia all seats have tethers and must be used at all times. American Standard seats usually only use the tether when the restraint is forward facing. Though some American Standard seats can use the Swedish tether method for rear facing. This involves attaching the tether to the track of the front seat. European Standard seats do not have a tether. There’s a lot to figure out! You may not feel confident installing an unfamiliar restraint. It’s a good idea to seek help from a Registered Child Restraint Technician.

Registered Child Restraint Technician

You will have peace of mind if you hire your child restraint from Tots on Tour. A Registered Child Restraint Technician will make sure you book the correct child restraint. You will be asked all the right questions at time of booking. Once we receive a booking we check to make sure we have all the information. If necessary we will come back to you for any missing measurements. If a booking is received a long time before your travel dates we make a diary note to contact you nearer the time. A child can grow a lot in a couple of months so it’s important we have up to date information. If you have booked online we will make sure you have selected a restraint suitable for your child’s age, weight, height and torso measurement. Or you can contact us to help you select the right car seat for  your car rental Queenstown vehicle.

Once your booking has been confirmed you will receive a link with the installation manual relevant to the seat you have hired. We recommend you download and print the manual for future reference. Tots on Tour will then liaise with your car rental Queenstown company. Using your child’s measurements we will correctly and securely install the child restraint prior to your arrival. We will collect it after your departure. It is strongly recommended you check the harness height by referring to the restraint manual. Please bear in mind the position of the harness on your child’s shoulder may need to be at, on or below. This depends on the restraint Standard and whether it’s forward or rear facing. The harness position may be different to what you are familiar with for your own car seat. If in doubt contact Tots on Tour. Your child’s safety is our utmost concern and we’re here to help.





Portacot Hire Queenstown

portacot hire queenstown

Portacot Hire Queenstown

When it comes to portacot hire Queenstown Tots on Tour are leading the way. We can all sleep well at night knowing your children are in a safe and comfortable portable cot. Tots on Tour portacot hire Queenstown introduced a portacot set up that meets international safety standards.

In 2009 retailers in Australia stopped selling portacot foam mattresses and for very good reason. Until Standard AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 was introduced there wasn’t a mattress firmness specification. It’s a sad reality that infants have suffocated whilst sleeping in portacots. Asphyxiation can happen if a child’s head becomes wedged between a foam mattress or other non approved padding and the cot base. Non breathable material on the side of the portacot can cause an infant to suffocate. This is especially dangerous for very young babies that have not developed sufficient head control.

Justin Swales was 5 months old and being looked after by his grandmother. She put an extra mattress in the cot to make him more comfortable. Fifteen minutes later he was dead. Reading stories like this strengthened our resolve. Tots on Tour set up a  safe and comfortable hire portacot set up for our travelling families. For this reason Portacot hire Queenstown has never been safer.

portacot hire queenstown


The first step to improving the safety of portacot hire Queenstown was to update our stock. The latest safety standards advocate portacots should have breathable material on all four sides of the portacot. In 2010, the joint Australian/New Zealand Standard for cots was altered. It now includes a new safety feature to reduce suffocation hazards in portacots – ‘the breathability zone’ and breathable fabric must go to the base of the cot.

Sleeping Bags

Babies and young children can also become tangled in bedding which poses a strangulation risk. Using an approved infant sleeping bag can be significantly reduce risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Therefore using a sleeping bag is the perfect solution. Tots on Tour provide a complimentary sleeping bag which is available in three sizes from newborn to approx 3 years.


portacot hire queenstown




car seats

Car Seats Hire Rental Tots on Tour Queenstown New Zealand

Car Seats, Boosters & Capsules for Hire in Queenstown, New Zealand

Capsules, car restraints and boosters are all car seats.  There are many things to consider when choosing what to hire.  Tots on Tour’s Registered Child Restraint Technician can help you make the right choice. Infants and toddlers should remain rear facing as long as possible.  Compared to rear impact accidents vehicles are usually travelling a lot faster when front impact accidents occur.  Objects and people in the car will move towards the direction of impact.  Babies large heads make up approximately 25% of their body weight. Bones and muscle stretch but their spinal cord does not.  This results in horrific injuries for forward facing children in front impact car accidents.

Hire Car Seats fromTots on Tour Queenstown New Zealand

Head Proportions

A car seat was forward facing for 8 month Prince George’s New Zealand visit.  The New Zealand Herald wrote an article about this controversial decision.  They asked Tots on Tour to comment.  We agreed there was a need to educate parents regarding safe installation of car seats.  There is no legal requirement on which direction to install car seats. It is ultimately the parents choice. Prince George’s forward facing car seat outraged people.  Many felt it conveyed the wrong message to parents.  On the positive side the adverse publicity stirred public debate and increased awareness on correctly fitting car seats.

You can find more information regarding car seat law changes by reading our previous post.


Car seat capsules are rear facing.  A convenient carry handle is great for lifting in and out of the vehicle.  Some capsules have a base that remain in the vehicle. Capsules are suitable up to 15kg depending on the brand.

Car Seats Hire Rental Tots on Tour Queenstown New Zealand

Evenflo LiteMax


Convertible Car Seats

Convertible car seats are suitable from new born. These car seats can be rear or forward facing. Some car seats have extended rear facing capabilities. It’s important to always check manufacturers’ weight and size guidelines.  A child may exceed the recommended height before exceeding the weight limit or vice versa. It’s also important to check your child fits the restraint properly. Bear in mind children have different length torsos.  Always check manufacturers’ instructions for weight recommendations on rear and forward facing installations.

Top tethers attach to anchor bolts.  It is important to correctly identify these anchor bolts.  Cargo holds are not suitable.  The cargo holds are not strong enough to secure the tether in a high impact accident. Some car seats have lower tethers that attach to lower anchors called Isofix. You can install your car seat using either Isofix or the vehicle seat belt. It’s also important to check the car seat weight limits for using Isofix. Generally Isofix cannot be used for children weighing over 18 kg and sometimes less.  If in doubt seek advise from your Tots on Tour Registered Child Restraint Technician. We have a range of car seats that do not use the top tether when in the rear facing position.

Car Seats Hire Rental Tots on Tour Queenstown New Zealand

Britax Boulevard Clicktight Convertible Car Seat

Safe n Sound’s Safekeeper car seat has deep contoured side wings to provide added protection in the event of a crash. When rear or forward facing the top tether must be used.

Car Seats Hire Rental Tots on Tour Queenstown New Zealand

Safe n Sound Safekeeper

Diono Olympia car seats have been crash tested to use with or without it’s tether.  Using a top tether is recommended when an anchor bolt is present. The Swedish tether method is used rear facing. The track of the front seat is used for the Swedish tether method.

Car Seats Hire Rental Tots on Tour Queenstown New Zealand

Diono Olympia


Booster Seats

It is preferable to use a rear facing car seat as long as possible.  Your child may be ready for a booster seat when they have outgrown their harnessed car seat. They will need to be physically big enough for a booster seat. This means their knees must bend over the edge of the seat with their bottom firmly at the back.  Your child also needs the emotional maturity to progress to a booster. If they are wriggling out of the vehicle seat belt they should remain in a harnessed restraint. When using a booster make sure the lap belt rests over your child’s lap and not their abdomen and the headrest is adjusted to the correct height for your child.  The sash belt is placed over your child’s shoulder using the booster seat shoulder guide.  The child’s eye level should be below the top of the car seat.

The Adventure booster seat is suitable for children from 15 kg to 36 kg providing they meet the guidelines set out above.  This car seat is installed forward facing.  There is no tether.

Car Seats Hire Rental Tots on Tour Queenstown New Zealand

Adventure Booster Seat

This is a brief overview of some car seats available for hire from Tots on Tour. Please note that this does not cover all aspects and we recommend you seek advice from our Registered Child Restraint Technician to select the most appropriate car seat. When possible our Registered Child Restraint Technician will fit the seat for you. If this is not possible please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Strollers for Hire in Queenstown, New Zealand

Whether you call them strollers, pushchairs, prams or buggies Tots on Tour have a wide selection to meet your needs.  We have single and double strollers with many versatile options available for hire.  Capsules and carrycots can be fitted for babies.  You can also attach Buggy boards and scooters to our strollers for your preschooler.

Stroller Options

Baby Jogger, Mountain Buggy and Phil & Teds make strollers that are particularly suited to the terrain of Queenstown.

Baby Jogger Mini City Mini GT is my favourite go to pram. This compact pram is great for around around town and handles well on our beautiful walking tracks too. The one hand quick fold is brilliant. It has a very large sun shade that you can be pull right back if required. I love the hand operated parking brake too. Tots on Tour also have the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double, City Elite and Summit X3 jogging prams available for hire. Mountain Buggy’s Urban Jungle stroller has 12 inch wheels which are particularly suited to off road conditions.  With it’s large rear wheels the Terrain Buggy is great for jogging.  All our prams have swivel wheels that offer great maneuverability. These can be locked in place for more rugged conditions.


Tots on Tour Baby Jogger City Mini GT Queenstown New Zealand

Baby Jogger City Mini GT



Urban Jungle Mountain Buggy Pram

Urban Jungle Stroller


Terrain Mountain Buggy Strollers

Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller


Phil & Teds’ Vibe Buggy is also great for the many Queenstown walking tracks.  The Vibe stroller can recline flat for your baby.  It has a very comfortable soft liner.  There is the hire option of an extra seat attachment for your second child.


Phil & Teds Vibe Strollers

Tots On Tour Phil & Teds Vibe Stroller Queenstown New Zealand

Phil & Teds Stroller Seat attachment

Phil & Teds Extra Stroller Seat Attachment Queenstown New Zealand

Tots on Tour also hire ‘about town’ strollers. These are great if you want something that folds down quite small.


Steelcraft Profile Layback Stroller

Steelcraft Profile Layback Stroller



If your toddler or preschooler wants a bit more action, hire a Mountain Buggy Freerider scooter.  On longer walks you can attach the scooter to your stroller.  Your child can hop on for a ‘free’ ride.  The scooter will attach to our Mountain Buggy strollers and BOB Revolution SE Duallie.  Another great option is Lascal’s Maxi Board which can be attached to Urban Jungle and Duet Mountain Buggies, Baby Jogger City Elite, Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single and Maclaren Techno XLR.


Tots on Tour Freerider Scooter and Maxi Board Attach to Stroller Queenstown New Zealand

Tots on Tour Freerider Scooter and Maxi Board Attach to Stroller Queenstown New Zealand

Younger visitors to Queenstown will sleep soundly in Baby Jogger’s Compact Pram Bassinet.  The bassinet attaches very easily to all our Baby Jogger strollers. It comes complete with storm cover.


Tots on Tour Baby Jogger Compact Bassinet Attach to Stroller Queenstown New Zealand

Baby Jogger Compact Pram Bassinet



 You can attach any of our capsules to our Baby Jogger or Mountain Buggy prams with the appropriate travel system. The Tots On Tour staff are happy to give advise on compatible travel systems.


Car Seat travel system

Baby Jogger Travel System and
Britax Unity Infant Carrier


Queenstown is 45 degrees south and can get quite cold.  Most winters will see snow fall to town on one or two occasions.  Temperatures can fall to zero or below.  Hiring your sleeping bag for your stroller from Tots on Tour is a great way to keep your baby warm.


Tots on Tour Sleeping Bag and Cocoon for Stroller Queenstown New Zealand

Tots on Tour Sleeping Bag and Cocoon for Stroller Queenstown New Zealand

That’s quite a lot of information to take in about the most suitable stroller to meet your needs!  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.






Highchair Queenstown New Zealand

Highchairs, Booster Seat and Bumbo Floor Seat – Hire in Queenstown, New Zealand

Tots on Tour in Queenstown, New Zealand hire quality highchairs. Our rental equipment also includes chair boosters and Bumbo Baby seats.

When travelling with a young family there are lots of things to think about. One consideration is what your infant or toddler will sit on? Many accommodation providers will provide highchairs but some will not. Some restaurants will provide but there is not always enough and sometimes none. It’s a bit hit and miss really! There also comes a point when your toddler decides he or she is far too old for a highchair! A booster seat could come in handy at this point? Or perhaps a wooden highchair. These highchairs have the appeal of looking quite grown up. Your preschooler will love sitting at the table at the same height as everyone else!

Tots on Tour have a wide selection of highchairs to meet your needs. We clean them thoroughly after each hire with eco friendly products. The trays are removable which makes cleaning a breeze and easy access for your child.



Steelcraft Height Adjustable Highchair


Tots on Tour High chairs Queenstown New Zealand

Steelcraft R yder Fixed Height Highchair


The Babywise highchair is slim-line and great when space is an issue.

Tots on Tour Highchairs Queenstown New Zealand

Babywise Highchair


The Mocka Soho Highchair has no tray but instead a safety rail is used for younger children. For older children you can remove the safety rail and position the highchair at the table. Your child will feel very grown up! This is a great option for children that have outgrown a highchair but are still too small for a regular seat.


Tots on Tour Highchairs Queenstown New Zealand

Mocka Soho Highchair



 Another way for your child to join you at the table is to use a booster seat. These are attached to a regular chair and the infant is held safely in place with a harness. Tots on Tour have two options available. The Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat has a removable tray that is dishwasher safe. You can also remove the tray entirely if you prefer your child to use the table. Our inflatable booster seat is a great option when you’re out and about. It packs down small with a handy carry handle.


Tots on Tour Chair booster Queenstown New Zealand

Fisher Price Chair Booster


Tots on Tour Chair Booster seat Queenstown New Zealand

Inflatable Chair Booster Seat

BUMBO 3-in1 Multi SEAT

The Bumbo 3-in-1 Multi Seat is designed for babies who can hold up their head but cannot sit up yet. It’s a great way for them to interact with their surroundings whilst holding their posture correctly. The Bumbo 3-in1 Multi Seat has won many awards for it’s innovative design.


Bumbo 3-in1 Multi Seat



Remember that babies and children should never be left unattended in Highchairs, Booster Seats and Bumbo Floor Seats





Portacot, Bassinet and Cot Hire in Queenstown New Zealand

Portacot hire for infants and toddlers is available from Tots on Tour in Queenstown. When you take your kids on vacation in Queenstown we can make your life a lot easier! Why carry lots of bulky infant, baby and children’s equipment when you can hire everything from Tots on Tour.

You have enough to think about without the stress of bringing all your baby, toddler and children’s equipment. We have everything covered. Imagine arriving in Queenstown and the children’s car seat and capsule are already installed in your rental car. You get to your accommodation and pop baby down to sleep in the portacot which has been set up and made up with bedding. Leave baby to sleep and turn on the monitor for piece of mind. Our port a cot set up includes complimentary sleeping bags and a fleece blanket.

One our most popular hire items is the portacot. Some people prefer to call them port a cots or porta cots or travel cots. The French word for carry or transport is porter. I guess port could also be short for portable? Wikipedia has more information on portacots and also refers to them as infant beds.

Portacot Hire

Hire Portacots from Tots on Tour Queenstown


Of course babies and infants don’t just sleep in portacots. We also hire BabyBliss and Cariboo bassinets. For on the move there is the option of our Baby Jogger prams with detachable Compact Bassinet. All of our Baby Jogger prams can adapt to carry the Baby Jogger Compact pram Bassinet. The Phil & Teds Cocoon Carrycot is a lightweight, soft-shelled baby carrycot with a zip away top cover, cocoon will keep your baby snug & warm in their stroller. Carry handles and a firm base allow you to lift baby in & out of the stroller without disturbing their rest.


Portacot HIre

Hire Bassinets from Tots on Tour Queenstown


Baby Jogger City Mini GT adapts to hold bassinet.

Hire Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single or Double or City Mini Elite from Tots on Tour. All adapt to hold bassinet.



Hire Baby Jogger Bassinet from Tots on Tour



Hire Phil and Ted Cocoon from Tots on Tour Queenstown



Phil & Ted Traveller Cot

For a really lightweight option there is the Phil & Ted Traveller Cot. This is a great option if you want to put baby down to sleep when you’re out and about on a picnic for example. This traveller cot packs small for limited boot space.



Hire Phil and Ted Traveller Cot from Tots on Tour Queenstown


Babywise Wooden Cot

If you are on holiday for more than a few days you may wish to consider hiring our Babywise wooden cot. This comes with an innersprung mattress. As with all our portacots, cots, bassinets, carry cots and travel cots it comes with sleeping bag and fleece blanket.


Wooden Cot Hire

Babywise Wooden Cot for Hire
Hire From $60 to $75


All our equipment can be viewed, availability checked, priced, booked and paid for online. It doesn’t get any easier than that! If you have any questions or require assistance in your selection we are available to help. Just send an email or give us a call. We can also book equipment on your behalf.

If you have read this far here’s a question for you, what sleeping system do you like to use for young children when traveling?

Childrens Toys

Childrens Toys

Children’s Toys for Hire – Queenstown, New Zealand

Childrens Toys on vacation can be very helpful on days where you need some extra entertainment to keep the kids happy …… but what to bring. Actually don’t bring any childrens toys just rent them from Tots on Tour in Queenstown.

We have a great selection of children’s toys to suit infants, toddlers and preschool children. We have made it easy for you by having a preselected box made up for you, just choose the box full of great toys that is most appropriate for your child and book and pay for it online or call or email us and we can take care of the booking for you.


Infants Toy Box A

Childrens Toys

Infant Toy Box A



Infants Toy Box B

Childrens Toys

Infant Toy Box B

Toddlers Toy Box A

Children's Toys

Toddler Toy Box A

Toddlers Toy Box B

Children's Toys

Toddler Toy Box B

Pre-Schoolers Toy Box A

Children's Toys

Preschooler Toy Box A

Pre-Schoolers Toy Box B

Childrens Toys

Preschooler Toy Box B

Book your childrens toys and other baby and children’s equipment for your Queenstown holiday.

 Children’s Toys at the Lakes Hayes A&P Show

On another note we went to the recent A&P Show at Lakes Hayes which was a great family outing with something for everybody. The children especially loved the magic show. We got many comments from other parents about our kids wearing hydration packs …. they could drink whenever they wanted and we didn’t have to carry their drink bottles! There was plenty of children’s toys and nick knacks to buy for cheap as well.

Childrens Toys

Children’s Hydration packs



Keep in touch with what’s going on by liking our Tots on Tour facebook page.


Sun Safety for kids

Sun Safety

Sun Safety while visiting Queenstown is hugely important as our sun is super strong.  New Zealand has the highest rate of melanoma skin cancer in the world. But the good news is it’s easy to reduce your chances of developing skin cancer – you only have to be Sun Safe. Make sure your children are regularly covered with a good quality sunscreen (we use Banana Boat, Sport SPF 30+ and find it great), wear a hat and also suitable clothing to cover up …. Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap. Even in the dappled shade of a tree your kids can burn if not well covered with sunscreen and clothing ….. good sun safety on your Queenstown holiday will make life better for you and your kids.

Tots on Tour has a Phil and Teds travel cot which is great for hanging out in the outdoors with your young one while they have a sleep in a well ventilated cot and provides good sun safety. It’s easy to set up and the kids seem to love them too. We just hang a sarong wrap over them to create darkness and down they go!


Tots on Tour sun safety travel Cot

Tots on Tour Travel Cot


Sun safety is especially important when around the water as the reflection gives even more sun to cope with and don’t forget grey days too ….. the sun is still there behind the clouds and it can be very dangerous to forget to apply that sun cream. Please be super sun safe with your kids this summer.

Child Carrier makes Queenstown family hiking easy

Tots on Tour Child Carrier Queenstown New Zealand

A kids child carrier makes easy hiking with children in Queenstown. Got to the top of the Queenstown Gondola for a stroll with the kids and then carried on up Ben Lomond for a bit. The Tots on Tour child carrier made it an easy and comfortable  stroll.

There are lots of great walks and hikes you can do that are suitable for families in the Queenstown area. One of our favourite hikes using the child carrier is the Kelvin Height to Jacks point track (it is quite a long one, even just one way). It gives amazing views over Lake Wakatipu and into the mountains and if you arrange for someone to meet you at Jacks Point a nice pinot never goes too far astray to finish off a lovely outing.

Lake Hayes Loop track is brilliant and there is a great picnic spot to enjoy and lots of bird life too keep the lids happy with duck feeding …. take some extra bread!

The Loop track in Arrowtown is really good too and dropping into Provisions for a sticky bun will just make your day.

For a slightly more strenuous work out, hike to the basket of dreams on the top of Queenstown hill.

Tots on Tour Child Carrier

Tots on Tour Child Carrier

Toys on vacation

Tots on Tour Toys Queenstown New Zealand

Toys on vacation are a great way to keep your kids amused in Queenstown.

Tots on Tour have a great selection of rental toys for babies, toddlers and children. We make up toy boxes that cater specifically to your child’s age and gender. When you hire toys from Tots on Tour you can be assured they have been cleaned with eco friendly products.  Please feel free to ask for a ball to go in your toy box.

The toys boxes also include a selection of age appropriate books. These are great for bed time stories or those bad weather days when you might want to stay indoors.

Tots on Tour Toys on vacation Queenstown New Zealand

Tots on Tour Toys


Scooter and Bike Hire

We hire scooters which come with helmets. These can be hired on their own or with a toy package. The Toy/Scooter or a Toy/Bike combo package is very reasonably priced and a great way to keep your children amused. We have fantastic family friendly bike trails around the Wakatipu.  While your toddler or child rides or scoots along you can push your baby in one of our great buggies or maybe rent a child backpack carrier? Vertigo Bikes have a great selection of adult rental bikes.

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