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Please read thru our FAQ section as there is some important information that will help you to make your vacation to Queenstown with your family much more enjoyable and safe.


My child is turning 5. Will they need a booster seat?

Yes NZ law has recently changed. You must correctly secure your child in an approved child restraint until they are 7.


I don’t know if our hire car has safety anchors? Is this important?

If you hire a car seat with tethers you cannot legally use this restraint if your car does not have anchor bolts. If in doubt check with your hire car company.


My car doesn’t have anchor bolts. Do you have car restraints without tethers?

Yes we do have a limited supply of car seats. Some of our restraints do not have a tether and some only need the tether to be used when facing forward.


I’m hiring a capsule. Does my car need anchor bolts?



Can you install my rental child restraint for me?

The safety of your child is of utmost importance to us. We prefer to install child restraints whenever possible. Know you child is safe by having the restraint fitted by a Tots on Tour Registered Child Restraint technician.


Can you deliver the equipment to my accommodation?

Yes. If we can gain access to your accommodation we will set up your equipment ready for your arrival. Or it will be waiting at reception for you. You will need to select Delivery & Collection when making your booking.


Can you deliver to my car rental company?

It depends? We can certainly deliver a car restraint and install it if the vehicle is available at time of delivery. If you have ordered other items it may be possible to leave these with the car rental company too. If you have ordered a lot of other items or have not ordered a car restraint, then it’s best to deliver to your accommodation.


Can I collect and return the hire equipment?

Yes. If you don’t select Delivery and Collection at time of booking we will contact you to discuss collection and drop off arrangements.

Tots on Tour Car Seat

Tots on Tour Car Seat


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