Baby Gear Delivered to your Accommodation or Rental Car

29 June 2023

After a long trip travelling with your children, it’s great to have your baby gear delivered to your accommodation or rental car.

Whether you are travelling from overseas or within New Zealand, travelling with children can be an exhausting experience. If the thought of lugging all your baby gear gives you sleepless nights, then you’ll be delighted to know there are baby hire options with a delivery zone available in Queenstown.

Tots on Tour can help you get your family holiday off to a positive and stress free start. Read on to find out more about delivery of hire baby equipment to your accommodation or rental car.  If you prefer to collect your hire items, you’ll be happy to know Tots on Tour are very close to Queenstown airport and offer a seamless collection and drop off service.

Of course one size does not fit all. Some customers may want to book different delivery and collection options for different items and different reasons.


Baby gear delivered to your accommodation before you arrive.

Delivery of your baby gear to your hotel, managed holiday home, private residence or friends and family can be arranged. If that wasn’t enough to make you breathe a sigh of relief, you’ll be delighted to know Tots on Tour will even liaise with your accommodation provider on your behalf. With over 15 years of assisting families visiting Queenstown, Tots on Tour have built up a trusted reputation with parents and accommodation providers.

Usually Tots on Tour will get access to your accommodation and set up before you arrive. If this is not possible, hire items can be left in a safe covered area or at reception.

Not only does delivery of your baby gear take the hassle out of travelling with children, it also has practical benefits. Have you thought about luggage space in your rental vehicle?

If you’re hiring car seats it probably makes sense to arrange separate delivery to your rental car.


Car seats delivered to your rental car and installed before you arrive.

You’ve survived the journey, collected your baggage and queued for your rental vehicle. If you’re flying international you’ll need to clear customs too. Be prepared for this process to take longer than you expect. Do you really want to mess around installing car seats? If you’ve brought your own car seat there’s the added stress of whether it will actually fit into your rental vehicle.

Be aware that car seats from rental car companies are often not installed, come without instructions and their staff might lack knowledge regarding compatibility and how to install them. Don’t get caught out. Make sure the car seat you have hired is compatible with your vehicle, fits your child and installed correctly. At the very least make sure instructions will be provided.

Or relax knowing Tots on Tour’s registered Child Restraint Technician has liaised with your rental car company to deliver and install your car seat before you arrive. At the end of your holiday, just leave the car seats in the vehicle and we will collect them after you depart.

If you’re hiring non car seat baby equipment, this can be delivered and popped into your rental vehicle at no extra cost. You will need to return any non car seat hire items to Tots on Tour as rental car companies will not take responsibility for lost or broken items.

A few boutique rental car companies will collect your car seat from Tots on Tour on your behalf. In these circumstances, Tots on Tour will liaise with them directly & you will save on the delivery & collection fee. Check with your rental car company directly to see if this is an option.


Baby gear delivered to your rental car before you arrive.

If you’re travelling further afield you may wish to have baby gear delivered to your rental car before you arrive. This is particularly convenient after a long flight with the prospect of further travel. The last thing you want to worry about is collecting your hired baby gear. For the reasons stated above, you will need to return these items to Tots on Tour at the end of your hire period. You will be happy to know we are located very close to Queenstown airport.


Car seats delivered to your accommodation before you arrive.

For various reasons you may require hire car seats to be delivered to your accommodation.

Perhaps you would like a car seat delivered to family or a friend or your private holiday home and installed into a vehicle before you arrive. If you are able to give Tots on Tour access to your accommodation, their registered Child Restraint Technician can install the car seat. If access is not possible, the car seat can be left in a covered area. You will need to refer to the instruction manual provided with the car seat. Under these circumstances Tots on Tour recommend you pop by to have the installation of the car seat checked by one of their Child Restraint Technicians. Make sure you book an appointment before you come.

Another option is for friends or family to collect from Tots on Tour on their way to collecting you from Queenstown Airport.

Southern Discoveries offer amazing tours to spectacular destinations such as Milford and Doubtful Sound. For health & safety reasons they require their young passengers to be restrained in an appropriate car seat. As their trips often depart very early in the morning and return late in the day, it’s not possible for Tots on Tour to deliver directly to their coaches. In these circumstances you will need to book delivery and collection to your accommodation. If it’s not possible to meet, you will need to refer to the instruction manual provided.


Collecting from Tots on Tour.

Some parents prefer to collect their baby hire gear from Tots on Tour. We are located approximately 1 km from Queenstown airport. Non car seat items can be collected from and returned to a designated area at our premises at a time of your choice. It’s preferable that you collect between 8 am and 6 pm. If you wish to collect non car seat hire items outside these hours please let Tots on Tour know.

It’s recommended you allow 10-15 minutes for car seats to be installed and you’ll need to book a collection time. A specific time needs to be arranged as Tots on Tour staff are not always at the premise. Allow more time for installing multiple car seats, especially three across. If you need to change the collection time it’s important that you let Tots on Tour know.

Please be aware you will need to book delivery and collection for any Fold N Go Wooden Cot hires.


Delivery & Collection Zones

The cost of delivery and collection will depend on the delivery zone booked.

Delivery Zone 1: 9:15 am to 5 pm

This zone is for delivery and collection to a rental vehicle at Queenstown airport. It also covers rental car companies that are not located at the airport but within the Frankton area. It is a flat fee and includes liaising with your rental car company to deliver prior to your arrival and collect car seats after your departure. Non car seats items will need to be returned to Tots on Tour premises. Occasionally, you may only require delivery and not collection or vice versa. Please note Zone 1 is a flat fee and the rate will remain the same.

Delivery Zones 2 & 3: 9.30 am to 2.30 pm

The delivery and collection fee applies in each direction.

Delivery Zones 4 & 5: 10 am to 2 pm

The delivery and collection fee applies in each direction.

Tots on Tour may have multiple deliveries and collections in a day. As such delivery times are subject to their schedule. It is not possible to deliver at specific times. We will make every effort to deliver prior to your arrival. Very occasionally this may not be possible and we will let you know accordingly.


Booking delivery and collection

It’s easy to book your baby equipment hire directly from the Tots on Tour website. Any applicable delivery and collection fees will be added at Step 2 of the Shopping Cart. Simply enter the suburb, street address, hotel name or rental car company and the charge will be automatically added. At Step 3 you will be asked to enter more details including a street address and/or property managers contact information if appropriate. If you don’t have these details to hand, Tots on Tour will follow up for this before your booking commences.

It’s important that the delivery option selected at Step 2 is followed through at Step 3. If you haven’t booked delivery and collection at Step 2 you must select the option “Tots on Tour, 3 Kawarau Place” at Step 3. If you change your mind at this stage you can go back to Step 2 to update your delivery and collection preferences.


Every booking is personally acknowledged

Once you have completed and paid for your baby equipment hire you will receive an automated notification so you can be immediately assured your booking has been confirmed. All bookings are reviewed and you will receive a personal acknowledgement. 

Whether you choose a delivery option or prefer to collect from us, Tots on Tour are here to help take the stress out of travelling with children.