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What measurements do you need for car seat hire?

We need to know the age, weight & height of your child. We also need their torso measurement so we can set up the harness correctly. The diagram below shows the best way to measure. If you book in advance we will contact you nearer your booking for updated measurements. We still need measurements at time of booking to make sure the correct seat has been selected.

Car Seat Fitting

Can you deliver car seat hires to my rental vehicle?

Yes. We can liaise with your rental car company to deliver and install before you arrive and collect after you depart.

I’m renting a vehicle. What other information do you need for car seat hire?

Please advise the name of your rental car company, the name you are booked under, the booking reference, vehicle pickup and drop off time?

Can you install my car seat hire for me?

Yes. The safety of your child is of utmost importance to us. We prefer to install child restraints whenever possible. Know your child is safe by having the restraint fitted by a Tots on Tour Registered Child Restraint technician.

I’m arriving before 9 am or after 5.30 pm. Can you still deliver to my rental vehicle?

Yes. We will endeavor to arrange delivery with your rental car company the day before you arrive or on the day before 5 pm. If the vehicle is not available then an After Hours surcharge applies. The surcharge may be applied retrospectively as we probably will not know until on the day what time we will have access to the vehicle.

Can you deliver other hire items to my rental vehicle?

Yes. We can pop other hire items in the boot. Please remember some hire items take up quite a lot of room. Make sure you have space for your luggage too. Another option is to book separate delivery and or collection to and from your holiday accommodation. You will need to return non car seat hire items to us or pay for them to be collected from your accommodation.

Can you collect other hire items from my rental vehicle?

No. The rental vehicle companies have limited storage space and often need to turn cars around quickly. You will therefore need to return any non car seat hire items to us. We are located approximately 1 km from Queenstown Airport.

Can I collect my car seat hire?

Yes. You will need to let us know what time you wish to collect. Please remember in New Zealand your child must be in an approved child restraint up to the age of 7. If you do not have someone that can wait with your child at the airport you will need to book Delivery & Collection.

Can someone else collect my car seat hire & how long will it take?

Yes. You will need to let us know what time they wish to collect and provide their mobile phone number. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for installation of up to two car seats. Allow 15 to 20 minutes for installing three car seats. The time it takes will depend on your vehicle and if the seats are to be installed three across.

Can you deliver to private vehicles or taxis at Queenstown Airport?

No. There is limited parking at Queenstown Airport.